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$600 Stud Fee

We are proud to introduce you to our stud dog, Chewy. Chewy is one incredible gun dog! He has an amazing ability to find birds faster than other dogs in the field that are accompanying him. Chewy's intelligence level, and natural ability are just a couple of strong points within his arsenal of attributes. He has the looks, style and genetics that you would expect to be within a top stud dog like himself.


Around the yard, he will follow you around simply begging for your attention. He is a big baby, and loves to be anybody, and everybody's buddy. When you take him to the field, he is a little different. When in the field, he is all business! He understands that when in the field his job is to find birds, point them, and retrieve the birds to your feet, and he does an incredible job at all of those things. Chewy is a very intense and serious dog when being worked in the field. He is very loyal to his owners, but he will also work for all hunters that he is in the field with. Chewy is a tireless hunter with more heart and drive than any dog that we've ever seen. One thing that Chewy doesn't get enough credit for is simply his intelligence level. If you're around Chewy for more than 5 minutes, you will quickly see how smart this dog really is. When hunting in front of hunters that are walking throughout the field, he understands that he needs to hunt within shotgun range. When hunting in front of hunters that are riding on a Side X Side such as our Polaris Ranger Chewy understands that he can range out a whole lot further to find birds.


The skill-sets within Chewy are incredible in many ways. We invite any true hunter, or trainer to come take a look at Chewy. You will be impressed by our hand-picked stud dog. 


$600 Stud Fee

Snake is a Stud Dog that we are happy to offer as a stud to our customers. We strongly believe that he will make a very positive impact on your breeding program if you breed to Snake. He has been an absolute natural for us. We have witnessed this dog point birds with incredible style time after time. If you read our Bio, you will notice that it states: Supreme Genetics - Natural Ability - Premier Style. Those 3 terms describe Snake to perfection. This is a very friendly companion, a dog that has an enormous amount of drive, incredible heart and desire to hunt. He can find birds extremely quickly, and he is rock solid steady on point. This dog is steady to wing and shot, whoa broke, collar conditioned, force broke to retrieve, and has tons of obedience training. All of which were taught to Snake within a couple months. He is just simply a NATURAL! Snake is a young stud, only being 2.5 years old, but he already has multiple pups on the ground that are fantastic young, broke, bird dogs. Snake is truly an impressive reproducer of puppies that have the natural abilities that we all look for. We believe that Snake will make a very positive impact on the breed. We are very proud of this young dog, and we invite any true hunter, trainer, or gun dog enthusiast to come check him out.

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