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Maggie is dog in the lead point of this picture. She is a very stylish young female with a very, very bright future ahead of her. She is a top notch bird dog that has made us extremely proud. She has all the bells and whistles and looks like a true professional in the field. Maggie is a fantastic little bird finder. She will point rock solid, honor other dogs' point, retrieve to hand, and look flashy doing it all. Maggie was a true natural that was doing it all by the age of 8 months old, and we are confident that she will implement that into her pups as well. 


Greta is a fantastic little bird dog. She is a smaller framed female that is very quick in the field. She hunts within gun range, but will range out when needed. She points with a ton of style! She will honor another dogs' point on sight. Greta is rock solid steady, and will hold point all day long. She is a dog that absolutely loves to retrieve and does it in quick fashion. Greta is an absolute joy to hunt behind, and she finds us a ton of birds, and looks great doing it! We love to show Greta off for customers.  


Blitz is a hunters dream dog. She has an unbelievable level of intelligence. She is a close to medium hunting dog and she hunts very, very hard.


Most dogs can't keep up with Blitz in the field. She has an uncanny ability to find birds in the field. She has tons of intensity and style when she points. Dogs like Blitz are the reason that real hunters and trainers love this sport.  


Willa is the Cadillac of bird dogs. She is a very beautiful female. Willa is nothing but luxury in the field. She points with tons of intensity and style, she is rock solid on point, she's steady to wing and shot, and she retrieves to hand like a pro. Willa hunts very hard and she ranges out a little more than our other females. This female is impressive in the field. Come see for yourself!

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